A Struggle


I am going to go into detail, like I said I was going to try to be straight forward and honest in this blog, so those who don’t want a TMI moment skip this blog post and look forward to my dinner post tonight. 

I am so incredibly hungry. I thought at first maybe it had to do with the fact I was a week away from my period, (Ewww, gross, she does that?!?!) but looking at my food log I think I may have sabotaged myself in another way I hadn’t thought of. Soda… with me being on this veggie diet I had also cut out the majority of refined sugar. Last night was the Saturday of my weekend and I had a beer with sunkist as well as a vegan cupcake and I was craving sugar today like a no other. It’s kind of rediculous how this little bit of crud really hit my appetite. I ate till I was full.. but I ate well. So I ate about half a container of cherry containers and a handful of olives with jalepeños. 

I am curious, how have others dealt with food cravings on a vegan diet? I’d love some feedback from others.


Lunch on September 18



Lunch today is a go to for me… Even before I became vegan, well, then I use traditional mayonnaise. This is a heirloom tomato sandwich with grape-seed veganaise on whole grain bread. On the side is sliced cucumbers sprinkled with cayenne and garlic salt.

Super tasty and ridiculously easy to make. Small side note: for those who count calories, this entire meal is only 420.