This Blog is My New Beginning…


…not an opportunity for bashing. From myself or others. Making the lifestyle choice of becoming vegan, especially in the great state of Texas, seems to put a target on your chest or a theoretical cannon in your hand. People immediately seem to get defensive about their eating habits and some even resort to mockery. I am not here to whine, but reassure that this blog is not going to a podium for me to judge others but merely a way for me to report and record my thoughts on changing my lifestyle so drastically.

Now a bit about myself.

I am a twenty-three year old LMT who lives in Texas, the meat capital of the world. I am very happy with my life… but not my health. As an individual who has struggled with obesity the majority of her life, by this point, I have predominantly accepted and embraced my curves and learned to appreciate other aspects of myself aside from my figure. I went to the doctor however a few months back and she sat me down and told me that things weren’t looking good. Though my numbers were all in the normal range, she didn’t know how with my size, she stressed the danger I was in with a family history of diabetes and heart disease. I decided to look into various weight loss diets and methods at that point in order to achieve this.

Now, veganism wasn’t something that randomly popped up on a search result while I was going through this. When I was in high school I did have a brief stint where I lost around forty pounds becoming a vegetarian, so with previous success in mind I started researching different diet plans that centered around that. That is whenever I remembered the Eat to Live plan. I had a dear friend I used to work with at Barnes and Noble who lost eighty pounds following this model and felt so healthy and energetic during it. (When I was in high school I struggled with anemia and fatigue due to poor diet planning.) So I bought the book and really began to research this lifestyle as much as I could.

About two weeks ago I made the switch. I feel amazing, but I have a strong feeling that there is going to be more struggles along the way and I wanted to be candid and talk about the issues I was already dealing with and ones I am sure that will come along.


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  1. Choosing a plant based diet IS tough in Texas. However, we have many more choices than ever before. It takes thought and a bit more time but before you know it you will look at a recipe and now how to ‘veganize’ it. Congratulations on trying a great new eating adventure! I hope some of my posts help you along the way. 🙂

    • I have to say that I am so very proud of you taking control of your life and eating habits. Everyones body is different and what works for one may not the other. Just know what is right for you and continue to persevere forward. When you are so young and have so much time to look forward to the future, your choice is even more important. Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing more of your exceptional beauty not just from the inside but on the outward as well. God bless.

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